Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment

MakeMeMobile has achieved a BEE Rating as a Level 4 Contributor, and black women ownership of 15%.

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We pride ourselves on equal opportunity and our B-BBEE policies and our commitment to implement a strategy that makes a genuine contribution to the sustainable upliftment of previously disadvantaged people, so as to improve the economic welfare of our society as a whole.

At MakeMeMobile we believe that it is key to ensure that we have a B-BBEE strategy that is fully aligned with our business strategy so that our BEE strategy adds economic value to the company’s operations.

The key BEE areas that MakeMeMobile has specifically focussed on include:

  • Ownership: Participation in ownership by black employees
  • Employment Equity: Equal opportunity for all employees, including affirmative action measures to uplift black employees
  • Skills development: Training on priority skills for black employees
  • Enterprise and Supplier Development: Development of black-owned SMEs including Preferential Procurement

Ownership Structure

MakeMeMobile is a 15% black-owned entity registered within the Republic of South Africa.

MakeMeMobile has elected to create an Employee Share Ownership Scheme for the specific purpose of creating enduring benefit to its long-serving black employees. These shares are held by Kando Investments (Pty) Ltd, with the majority shareholding in the hands of two black women, both senior employees at MakeMeMobile. These shareholders actively participate in the business of MakeMeMobile on a day-to-day basis. Kando Investments has a second investment in a thermal transfer ribbon manufacturing company called AMROR Africa, which is a joint venture with a French manufacturing company.

This level of ownership held by black people has recently been verified during the most recent verification of our BEE Compliance Status, as outlined below.

Current BEE Compliance Status

During MakeMeMobile’s most recent verification of our BEE compliance status, MakeMeMobile was verified as being a Level 4 BEE compliant contributor, with 15% of our total ownership held by black women.

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