Mobile Proof of Delivery Applications

Whether your business makes route-based deliveries, on-demand deliveries, or a combination of both, our Mobile Delivery Applications can help you cut costs while achieving greater customer satisfaction. Our standard applications are built using our Mobility Platforms which ensure reliability and scalability for your mobile deployment. Using our rapid application development platform, customization of our applications to suit your needs can be done with minimal effort and cost.

Mobile Delivery Applications
Mobile Delivery Solutions

Our Mobile Delivery Applications allow you to accurately track and control deliveries throughout your supply chain to help facilitate sales’ growth, provide inventory control, reduce out-of-stocks, optimize operational efficiencies and increase speed to market of new products.

Courier Delivery Applications

With our Courier Delivery Applications, customers can place and track orders directly on your website, your staff can dispatch to a driver’s mobile device, track pickups & deliveries, and automatically generate invoices, payroll and electronic PODs all in real-time. Utilising these applications, your team of professionals will be able to handle more business with less effort.

Mobile Proof of Delivery – ePOD

Missed deliveries and misrouted shipments waste time and money. MakeMeMobile’s Proof of Delivery Applications provides real-time delivery confirmation (signature capture & GPS coordinates), customer account information and inventory tracking functionality that enables your personnel to make speedy, accurate deliveries that improve profitability and customer service.

Direct Store Delivery – DSD


MakeMeMobile’s Direct Store Delivery Applications provides everything a modern DSD business needs to thrive to run efficiently and increase productivity. In addition to the standard direct store delivery functionalities, our DSD applications include real-time alerts, the ability to take photos, driver vehicle inspections and accident reports.