Courier Delivery Applications

Courier Delivery Applications

With our Courier Delivery Application, customers can place and track orders directly on your website, your staff can dispatch to a driver’s mobile device, track pickups & deliveries, and automatically generate invoices, payroll and electronic PODs all in real-time. Utilising this application, your team of professionals will be able to handle more business with less effort.

Customer Portal

Not only do your customers/shippers want to track their shipments on a website, you can greatly increase your productivity by allowing them to enter their own orders (rather than calling your office staff). Our On-Demand Delivery software provides your clients with self-dispatching, complete order history, real-time tracking & tracing, address books, account management, and immediate electronic proof of delivery.

  • Customer Web Portal

Quickly and easily provide customers with real-time tracking, status and proof of delivery information resulting in greater customer satisfaction and increased productivity. Free up your dispatchers and office staff by allowing customers to schedule pickups and place orders themselves through the Customer Portal and rest easy knowing each order is carefully validated to ensure it is viable and accurate.

  • Locations & Contacts Management

Each customer has their own address book capable of tracking multiple locations and their associated contacts, so pickup and drop off information need only be entered once and can be quickly selected in the future.

  • Real-time Tracking & Tracing

Our applications allow customers to view status, driver and location information complete with immediate electronic proof of delivery and recipient signatures all in real-time.

  • Notifications

Automatic email notifications for Pickups and Deliveries including realtime e-POD

  • Customisation

The applications are built on our Mobility Platform ensuring reliability, scalability and easy customisation.

Management Portal

Our fully-integrated management web portal allows your management team to access critical information from anywhere, so they can address issues before they become problems.

  • Work Offline

Your business cannot afford to stop just because your internet connection is down. While other delivery solutions are simply web-based or offer very basic offline support, our solution is the only delivery software built by a true mobility company experienced in providing mission-critical, highly-demanding mobility projects and enterprise-grade mobility solutions.

  • Customer Management

Our applications track and store all pertinent customer and account information, including contracted rates (and methods), contacts & locations, and more. The system knows exactly how and when to bill each customer and automatically generates and sends invoices – this not only makes your office staffs’ lives easier, it prevents billing errors and accelerates cash flow.

  • Real-time Tracking & Tracing

Our delivery applications provide your managers and office staff with immediate, real-time information for every customer, driver, location and shipment. With our GPS tracking functionality, you’ll know exactly where every driver/package is and who is closest to any given customer right this second, allowing for more efficient dispatching in both standard and high priority situations. View, modify, reassign and cancel orders on-the-fly and the system will automatically send the necessary notifications to ensure everyone is up to speed.

  • Recurring Schedules

Quickly and easily set up routine pickup and delivery schedules in advance, with unparalleled flexibility and ease of use.

  • Price Management

Our applications support an unlimited number of pricing configurations and tracks the appropriate pricing information for every customer so your dispatchers won’t need to guess. Our delivery software even tracks employee and subcontractor timecards/rates and automates payrolls.

  • Management Web Portal & Reporting

Our applications also include a management web portal that provides your team with access to critical information from anywhere, detailed proof of delivery information including photos of any damage, and generates real-time reports complete with charting.


  • Dispatching & Order Entry Personnel

Your dispatch and order entry personnel will appreciate how much our On-Demand Delivery Applications simplifies their day and eliminate the need to place calls to delivery drivers. Dispatchers can create orders, track orders/drivers/shipments in real-time, view all delivery locations, and stay in constant contact with field personnel.

  • Calendaring & Unassigned Orders

When a customer uses the customer portal to create an order or if a dispatcher hasn’t yet decided the best driver for the job, the order is automatically placed in our unassigned order queue and colour-coded, flagging the orders for dispatcher attention. Dispatchers can then pull up our calendar view to see the schedules of all drivers (or a single driver) and drag-and-drop to assign and reassign orders.

  • GPS Tracking & Messaging

Built-in GPS tracking ensures your dispatchers know exactly where every driver is located. Combined with our messaging capabilities, dispatchers can quickly view all active drivers, where they’re located and what they’re doing (or scheduled to do), then communicate via instant messages to ensure everything is running smoothly.

  • Real-time Tracking & Tracing

Our delivery applications provide your dispatchers with immediate, real-time information for every customer, driver, location and shipment. Dispatchers can view, modify, reassign and cancel orders on-the-fly and the system will automatically send the necessary notifications to ensure everyone is up to speed. With our GPS tracking functionality, dispatchers know who is closest to any given customer right this second, allowing for more efficient dispatching in both standard and high priority situations.

  • Customer Management & Order Entry

Every customer has unique requirements, pricing, locations, etc. Spare dispatchers the hassle of looking up, remembering and entering complex customer information – once a customer is set up in the system, all of this customer information is handled automatically yet still available to dispatchers at the click of a button.

  • Status & Auto-completion

Colour makes it easy to identify urgent items and set priorities. Our auto-populate feature allows dispatchers to simply select a customer, then choose from a list of associated locations and contacts (or enter new information as needed)

  • Determining Mileage

Using our GPS mapping features, dispatchers can quickly determine exact mileage and automatically invoice customers accordingly.


Your drivers will love our On-Demand Delivery Application because we have eliminated the hassles associated with keeping up with paperwork, endless phone calls, and wasted time making trips back into the office. Our delivery driver applications are extremely powerful, easy-to-use, and ensures your drivers always have accurate information. We support any mix of hundreds of devices ranging from smartphones (iPhone, Android, etc) to ruggedised handhelds to laptops. Our delivery applications operate in both connected and disconnected (offline) modes, allowing your field personnel to finish their work even when they lose network connectivity.

  • Finger Friendly with Gesture Support

Our applications are carefully built for finger-based input and gesture support, not only making drivers’ lives easier but also ensuring greater speed of entry and fewer mistakes. Everything is touch-friendly and optimised for the best user experience.

  • Work Offline & Provide Real-time Data

Your business cannot afford to stop just because the radio coverage in certain areas is unreliable. Our Mobility Platform not only allows for work offline, but intelligently recognises when network connectivity becomes available and automatically checks for any updates they might have missed while in a bad reception area. When reception is good, your drivers will have real-time access to all the customer, shipment and location data they need in order to do their job quickly and effectively.

  • Signature Capture, Photographs & Barcodes

A picture is worth a thousand words – drivers can take a picture of a package and collect a signature both at the point of pickup and delivery, proving their flawless driving was not the cause of any damage or documenting any damage that may have occurred. Our applications also fully support barcode scanning on a wide variety of devices, so drivers don’t have to key them in (avoiding a common source of errors).

  • Automated POD Entry

Automatically generate your electronic proof of delivery, including signatures, timestamps, GPS location data, and photographs. The system will not only automatically update the dispatchers, management portal and customer portal, but will also send email notifications (including the above POD information) to the desired contacts – all before your driver has walked out the door.

  • GPS & Directions

Not only will our built-in GPS tracking ensure your dispatchers/manager know exactly where your drivers are, it can also help drivers get where they need to go by providing turn-by-turn directions.