Mobile Direct Store Delivery – DSD

DSD Applications

Modernise Your Delivery Operations and Boost Productivity

In today’s competitive business marketplace, delivery businesses are moving beyond simply squeezing costs out of the business process towards increasing visibility and responsiveness to marketplace demands. To remain competitive, your technology must facilitate sales growth, provide inventory controls, help reduce out-of-stocks, optimize the route sales rep’s efficiency and increase speed to market with new products. Additionally, the ability to react to discreet customizations based upon customer buying patterns, seasonality and other factors are crucial. This responsiveness, real-time visibility and flexibility of the applications will empower your business to flourish in the current economic climate.

MakeMeMobile’s Direct Store Delivery Applications provide everything a modern DSD business needs to thrive. In addition to the standard direct store delivery functionalities, our DSD software applications include real-time alerts, the ability to take photos, driver vehicle inspections and accident reports.the applications provide real-time web reporting, allowing organizations to perform up-to-the-minute trending analysis. With our DSD software, your organization can schedule production based on real-time product sales.

Improved customer service for field workers
Our platform-based applications provide additional cost savings and ROI and will streamline your business operations enhancing productivity, efficiencies and service levels throughout your organisation.

Configurable Workflows

Our Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Suite offers several unique capabilities including:

  • Pre-trip vehicle inspections
  • Delivery adjustments
  • Vehicle loading & Verification
  • Route accounting
  • Delivery container tracking (crates, racks, etc)
  • Promotions integration
  • VAT Calculations
  • Signature capture
  • Add or delete items from a load
  • Pre-sales
  • Route stop re-sequencing
  • Returns
  • Turn-by-turn directions from current location
  • Account payment collection
  • GPS Tracking with breadcrumb trail reporting
  • End-of-day reconciliation
  • Post-trip vehicle inspections
  • Geo-fencing with auto-arrival notification
  • Accident alarms
  • On-site delivery instructions (text or audio)
  • Real-time information alerts & web-based reporting

Key Benefits

Our DSD solution provides a host of benefits including:

  • Real-time trending analysis & production adjustment
  • Web-based reporting for improved operational insight
  • Reduce out-of-stocks and days sales outstanding
  • Accurately track and optimise inventory levels
  • Ensure delivery and billing accuracy
  • Use demand data to optimise sales
  • Optimise pricing and promotions
  • Identify supply chain dynamics & seasonality