Inventory Control & Tracking Applications

Inventory Control & Tracking

Our Inventory Control & Tracking Applications comprise a range of focused applications to manage your inventory at your warehouse/distribution centre and control vehicles, drivers and goods entering/exiting your yard, providing you with increased productivity and efficiencies.

Inventory Management Applications

Our Inventory Management Applications offer you a seamlessly integrated inventory solution to better optimise operations at your warehouse or distribution centre for inventory transactions, including receiving, dispatch, bin and warehouse transfers, and job and purchase receipts, as well as stocktaking.

Gate Management Application

Our Gate Management Applications incorporate yard control and manages and tracks the flow of vehicles in/out of your premises, speeding up the whole dispatch process. Using handheld devices, driver and vehicle inspection has also been included in this automated system to enhance security and safety.

Weighbridge Management Applications

Our Weighbridge Management Applications ensure that the correct quantity of goods are received or delivered by vehicles entering and existing your premises. Our applications link the mass of the vehicle prior and after loading to verify that the quantity of goods is correct.

Stock Take Applications

Our Stock Take Applications automate the process of stock taking and inventory using handheld technology, resulting in faster and more accurate processes and enhanced real-time management. Our real-time solution delivers speed of execution and accuracy compared to manual processes.