Gate Management Applications

Gate Management Applications

Manage your yard efficiently with our automated applications

Our Gate Management Applications incorporate yard control and manages and tracks the flow of vehicles in and out of your premises, which speeds up the whole dispatch process. In addition, data is captured about the weight of the vehicles before and after loading. Driver and vehicle inspection is also included in this automated system to enhance security and safety.

Our applications provide the facility to control vehicles entering and leaving your warehouse, distribution centre or facility, including visitors and their delivery or pick up trucks. It also minimises security risks by scheduling times and allocating doors in your yard to specific vehicles.

Our team of experts will customise the applications to suit your specific industry, needs and workflows. The applications can either be deployed on premise on your own servers or via our M3 Cloud, which provides you with a scalable solution with increased efficiencies and reduced deployment time and capital expenditure on IT infrastructure.

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  • Verify information

Scan license disk /drivers license with handheld scanner for verification

  • Manage your yard effectively

Schedule visits and instruct each driver and vehicle to proceed to the allocated place

  • Validate collections/shipments

Ensure the correct product/shipment leaves your facility

  • Comprehensive dashboards and reporting

Gives you full control to manage your operation in real-time

  • Inspect your vehicles before leaving your premises

Conduct certain checks to ensure roadworthiness

  • Add a weighbridge module to our solution

Link our Weighbridge Solution to verify the correct quantity of goods entering/leaving your premises


  • Increased security
  • Optimised and efficient yard flow
  • Real-time overview of vehicles on your premises via dashboards
  • Enhanced and real-time management
  • Accurate receipt and dispatch processes
  • Better management of your operation
  • Increased efficiencies and productivity
  • Reduced costs