Inventory Management Applications

Inventory Management Applications

Optimise your warehouse and distribution centre

Our Inventory Management Applications offer you a seamlessly integrated inventory solution to better optimise operations at your warehouse or distribution centre.

Handheld scanners and mobile computers are used in your premises for inventory transactions, including receiving, dispatch, bin and warehouse transfers, and job and purchase receipts, as well as stocktaking.

The applications provide total traceability and flexibility to facilitate quality and batch control in order to comply with statutory requirements, particularly relevant in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical and other industries.

The automated processes happen seamlessly in the background and link to your backend ERP system, providing access to real-time data, so that operations can be managed in a cost efficient manner.

Our team of experts will customise the applications to suit your specific industry, needs and workflows. The applications can either be deployed on premise on your own servers or via our M3 Cloud, which provides you with a scalable solution with increased efficiencies and reduced deployment time and capital expenditure on IT infrastructure.


  • Track all inventory processes in the supply chain

From receipt of raw materials in your facility; issuing to production; receipt of finished goods in stores; to dispatch of finished goods

  • Batch number tracking and quality control checks

These ensure raw materials and finished good pass quality inspections

  • Comprehensive dashboards

These handy dashboard provide enhanced management and decision-making e.g. review planned versus actual quantities and identify waste

  • Integrate other modules into the solution

e.g. Yard Control for tracking the flow of vehicles in and out of the premises


  • Increased productivity and efficiency

Eliminate the time your workers spend on manual labour to input data. With our automated solution, workers perform their assigned tasks quicker with measurable increases to productivity

  • Worker Retention

Experience a reduction in worker turnover after implementing our solution. Your workers gain greater confidence as they regularly exceed their daily goals and objectives

  • Traceability Compliance

Achieve cost-effective and reliable compliance with lot track-and-trace regulations. Our solutions also support compliance with ePedigree requirements and the need to track lot / batch / country-of-origin records on all line items

  • Cost Reduction

By increasing worker productivity, our solutions help minimise dock-to-shelf times while helping you optimise your merchandise-processing capacity in buffered cross-dock and put-to-store operations

  • Increased Customer Service

Our solution helps you to increase both the efficiency and the accuracy of orders, ensuring that your customers’ orders are shipped correctly the first time