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Inventory Tracking & Asset Management


Improve Your Inventory & Asset Management Throughout Your Organization

Whether you need to scan bar codes or read RFID tags in the warehouse, or collect information outside the office, our Mobile Inventory Tracking & Asset Management solutions enable easy, accurate and cost-effective tracking of asset location/status and inventory count – with minimal administrative effort. Our solutions provide workers with any necessary information from asset history to maintenance records and integrate to backend systems to ensure office staff always have the most up-to-date information.

Keeping track of assets and inventory is necessary to ensure timely maintenance and proper supply, but tracking so many varied assets/items presents a lot of challenges – geographic dispersal, inaccessibility, difficulty with location, and tremendous time and expense in getting workers to the assets and completing the required paperwork. With a paper-based system, the opportunity for data errors is high because there are so many different types of assets/items that require the collection of different information on many different forms.

Warehouse Scanning
Increased efficiencies in your warehouse
Our mobile applications streamline your asset management and inventory tracking, allowing cost-effective tracking of assets and compiling of data. Employees are more productive and assets are better managed – ensuring that inspections and maintenance take place at the appropriate times, extending the lifecycle of major capital assets and providing insight into theft and turnover of smaller, more portable assets.

Deployment Environments

Our solutions are built to offer the greatest degree of flexibility and can be used in any location such as:

  • In The Field

Information can be quickly and easily captured for diverse assets, complete with photographs of an asset’s condition, geotagging w/ GPS coordinates, etc.

  • In the Office

There may be thousands of pieces of office equipment to track, including desks & chairs, conference room equipment, copiers, computers, cellphones, etc.

  • In Warehouses and Storerooms

Scan incoming shipments, take periodic inventories to determine when to order additional supplies, track items on the shelves and/or warehouse equipment – such as forklifts, conveyors.

  • In The Yard

A quick barcode or RFID tag scan can enable the automatic completion of asset tracking paperwork, ensuring that accurate costing and condition information is captured. GPS provides real-time visibility to improve asset utilisation and dynamic scheduling.

Key Benefits

Our Inventory tracking and Asset Management mobile solutions offer a variety of benefits including:

  • Automated Data Collection

Automated collection of asset management & inventory count data.

  • Improved Productivity

The elimination of paper forms frees time for workers to complete more mission critical tasks per day – time is no longer wasted on administrative paperwork.

  • Increased Accuracy

By no longer handwriting data then re-entering it into computers, the errors inherent to manual data entry are eliminated and data integrity is improved.

  • Reduced cost of ownership for assets

Our solution facilitates more timely inspection and maintenance ensuring that service is promptly and accurately performed and producing an extended asset lifecycle – this lowers the total cost of ownership for the asset.

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