Mobile Delivery Applications

Driving productivity and boosting efficiencies
Companies involved in distribution and deliveries in today’s competitive environment are moving beyond leveraging costs from business processes to increased visibility and responsiveness to customer and marketplace demands. Business solutions must facilitate sales’ growth, provide inventory control, help reduce out-of-stocks, optimise operational efficiencies and increase speed to market with new products. Additionally, solutions must be flexible to cater for customer buying patterns, seasonality and other factors.
MakeMeMobiles’ Mobile Delivery Applications use mobile technology to improve the efficiency, accuracy, productivity and traceability of your daily deliveries. Based on our enterprise grade mobility platform, these applications are fully configurable and scalable and includes a large range of functionality for small installations to large enterprise rollouts.
Our Mobile Delivery Applications are designed to easily integrate into existing backend systems to meet challenging market dynamics. Companies use these applications to improve operational processes and to enhance customer satisfaction throughout their delivery operations.

Business Benefits

Mobile Delivery Applications allow organisations to respond to their customer’s requirements, providing the following key benefits:

  • Greater visibility of deliveries by immediate updating & online functionality
  • Reduced driver training for replacement/temporary drivers as the intuitive mobile application guides operators through steps and processes
  • Reduced credit notes & delivery disputes through accurate information captured at the point of delivery
  • Speedier resolution of queries through the immediate availability of the electronic proof of delivery & invoice details
  • Increased flexibility to respond to daily changes through the real-time status updates of all deliveries
  • Reduction in handling /storage of paper documents & back office requirements as transactions are captured and transmitted as they occur at the point of activity in the field
  • Increased inventory control as all inventory is tracked from the warehouse onto the trucks and when delivered to customers
  • Improved visibility of all trucks, drivers & deliveries as they move from customer to customer
  • Increased deliveries per truck per day through the reduction of time wasted on paperwork at the point of delivery

Mobility Platform

Our Mobile Delivery Applications are developed and run on our industry leading Mobility Platform providing robust connectivity and enterprise scalability to your mobile solution. Our Mobility Platform includes rapid application development and integration tools that allow us to quickly adapt, integrate and implement this application, as well as all the deployment and management tools to ensure continued operation of this mission critical solution.

Our Mobile Delivery Applications consist of two main functional elements:

Desktop Component for Dispatch Depots

The desktop component manages and controls several functional areas, typically unavailable in the backend ERP solution:

  • Driver/Salesperson settings – This defines all the users and their roles.
  • Inventory – Item master data is received from the backend ERP system which typically includes item code, description, sales price, VAT status, etc.
  • Customer Control – for the configuration of customer specific functionality in the system e.g. where a customer is sequenced in the delivery cycle.
  • Survey Control – allows for the creation and link of surveys, which are created and then linked to specific customers.

Handheld Client for drivers in the field

Our mobility platform integrates intelligent networking with a thick client so mobile workers can perform their duties in the field regardless of whether a network connection is available. When the system detects an available network connection, it automatically synchronises and updates the system. Some of the functionality on the handheld client includes:

  • Start of day
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Truck loading
  • Inventory
  • Containers tracking
  • Customer visits details
  • Route information
  • GPS navigation
  • GEO stamping
  • Visit reviews
  • Driverpad for note taking
  • AR collection
  • Merchanding
  • Invoicing
  • Sales Orders
  • Returns/damages
  • Surveys
  • Day end
  • Truck unload
  • Expenses recording
  • Messaging

Due to the architecture of our Mobility Platform, the standard functionality of our solution can easily integrate into your backend systems and be adapted to fit your business needs. The solution is fully scalable to grow with your business as required.