Van Sales Applications

Van Sales Applications

Manage your van sales with great efficiency and agility

MakeMeMobile’s Van Sales Applications allow your sales force to collect stock from suppliers, make direct sales to their customers and conclude all aspects of their daily process electronically using mobile computers or smart phone devices. By doing so, all sales activities can be recorded and analysed in real-time through data that will be available to management on customised dashboards.

With our Van Sales Applications, you get enhanced visibility of all your distribution activities, as well as faster delivery of products at a competitive price. These applications minimise wrong or poor inventory controls and manages salespersons’ targets, while reducing human error due to manual processes. Van Sales Applications helps meet your customers’ demands with increased agility.

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  • Windows Mobile and IOS Support
  • In-field receipt printing
  • Seamless flow of information and updates centrally
  • Generate reports
  • Digital signature
  • Full audit trail
  • Transmit data collected via WiFi or GPRS to our M3 Cloud
  • Easy to maintain and scale across your organisation
  • Data integrity checks


  • Reduce transaction errors
  • Increase productivity and number of calls
  • Optimise product mix and eliminate distribution gaps
  • Manage payment collection (eliminating possible fraud)
  • Reduce distribution/administration costs and errors
  • Reduce fuel and vehicle maintenance costs
  • Eliminate delivery paperwork
  • Improve customer service and maximise sales
  • Track and trace inventory
  • Report driver progress in real-time
  • Gain greater business insight
  • Payment history and patterns of customers
  • Better decision making so you can grow your business