Cloud-based Mobile Solution Manages your Sales Force with great Efficiency and Agility

Cloud-based Mobile Solution Manages your Sales Force with great Efficiency and Agility

The need to effectively mobilise and manage your sales force for seamless, efficient and transparent processes in the supply chain is paramount in order to reduce costs and meet customer demands.

In response to this, MakeMeMobile developed Van Sales Solution which enables an enterprise to automate and mobilise their field sales force, as well as third party distributors. Sales personnel can collect, manage, deliver and invoice stock directly to customers and conclude all aspects of their daily process electronically using mobile computers or smartphone devices.Kallie van den Berg, Director at MakeMeMobile says, “Our Van Sales Solution provides enhanced visibility of all our clients’ distribution activities, as well as faster delivery of products, resulting in real-time data analysis, improved efficiencies and cost savings in their supply chains.”

“In addition, the solution minimises incorrect inventory controls and tracks sales’ targets, while reducing human error due to manual processes,” he adds.

Van Sales can either be deployed on premise on servers or via the M3 Cloud, which provides a company with a scalable solution with increased efficiencies and reduced deployment time and capital expenditure on IT infrastructure.

Business Benefits

According to Van den Berg, with Van Sales Solution, companies experience increased productivity as a result of greater efficiencies and increased number of customer visits, enabling them to meet and exceed targets.

“With an enhanced real-time visibility of all distribution activities, a company can make better informed business decisions allowing for faster response to market demands and changes. Records of payment history and customer patterns also allow intelligent management of payment collections, eliminating potential fraud.

“In addition, Van Sales provides real-time management of driver progress, and the real-time tracking and tracing of inventory expedites the delivery of goods,” he adds.

Key Features

Van Sales Solution supports multiple mobile device operating systems, including Windows Mobile, Android and iOS and accommodates in-field receipt printing. Other key features include the seamless flow of information and central updates via WiFi or 3G/4G to the M3 Cloud to back-end ERP and management systems, as well as GPS location tracking

“Van Sales Solution also accommodates the capturing of digital signatures for Proof-of-Delivery, data integrity checks, full audit trails and excellent report generation. The solution is easy to maintain and scale across the organisation on a regional and national basis,” says Van den Berg.

He explains that Van Sales is part of the M3 suite of Sales Force offerings and is suitable for both the formal and informal sectors of the FMCG market, accommodating small to large operators deploying a fleet of vans or motorcycles.