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Mobile solutions customised for FMCG market

With tighter margins and increasing demands from distributors, retailers and consumers in the supply chain, consumer goods manufacturers need mobile solutions to ensure on-time delivery to the correct destination to manage inventory levels and customer satisfaction.
Our mobile solutions for the consumer goods industry provide the edge you need to achieve accurate and timely delivery, while improving inventory and reducing costs from the time the order is placed until it’s delivered to the customer.
  • Our Inventory Management Solution will automate your warehousing and distribution processes using handheld scanners to improve accuracy and efficiency.
  • With our Delivery Management Solution, you can accurately and efficiently track and control deliveries throughout your supply chain. Delivery drivers can record proof of delivery and customer receipt confirmations to order processing systems in real time, eliminating follow-up calls and other delays in tracking deliveries and reducing the order-to-cash cycle
  • Leading FMCG companies use our Voice solutions to improve productivity, accuracy and reduce operational expenses in their warehouses and distribution centres.
  • Manage and control vehicles and visitors in and out of your facility by validating vehicle, load and driver details using our Yard Management Solution (YMS). Pre-book and allocate dock doors for deliveries at your distribution centre or warehouse ensuring smooth operation of your facility. Additionally inspect all your outgoing drivers and vehicles to ensure licence and roadworthy compliance using YMS’s integrated inspection functionality.
  • Our direct store delivery solutions help maximize sales opportunities at the customer level by providing access to key product and account information, up-to-date special pricing, electronically updated route books in real time.
  • Using our Hardware Management Solution, leading retailers can proactively manage and monitor their AutoID and Mobile Computing assets to ensure maximum uptime and to reduce ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Our field service solutions give mobile workers the ability to access customer data, record service activities, issue receipts and track inventory, increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Our mobile fleet management solutions enable customers to speed up their operations, reduce errors and even schedule route drivers for extra pickups without negatively impacting delivery schedules.
  • Our wide range of leading brands of rugged mobile computers, barcode scanners, label & mobile printers and RFID technologies are backed by our onsite support services and depot service centre and mobile repair depot
  • Our comprehensive range of mobile workforce managed services provides you with the support, expertise and skills to ensure the total uptime of your mission-critical mobile applications and systems.
  • With offices throughout the country in major regions, we ensure the national roll-out of your solutions to worldclass standards.
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