Mobile Enterprise Cloud Based Solutions Increase Efficiency

Mobile Enterprise Cloud Based Solutions Increase Efficiency

Having the ability to provide customers with cloud-based enterprise mobility solutions increases efficiency and allows for rapid deployment, reducing the need for capital expenditure on IT infrastructure. This also allows quicker time to market resulting in increased Return on Investment on companies’ mobile solutions, according to Andrew Fosbrook, Director at MakeMeMobile.

In order to respond to this demand, MakeMeMobile, specialists in mobile enterprise solutions, offers all their enterprise mobility applications on the M3 Cloud.

“Our solutions can either be deployed on site or can be deployed using our M3 Cloud. All our solutions, which are developed to maximise cloud-based computing, facilitate sales’ growth, provide inventory control, reduce out-of-stocks, optimise operational efficiencies and increase speed to market of new products.

With our M3 Cloud, you get the resources you need, when you need them, which significantly reduces implementation time,” says Fosbrook.

MakeMeMobile’s M3 Cloud allows the company to deliver customised, scalable and flexible solutions, which can be accessed faster and remotely.

Customised and feature-rich solutions

MakeMeMobile’s solutions are built on industry-leading mobility platforms ensuring scalability and reliability.

MakeMeMobile’s Asset Control Solution allows a business to keep track of their fast moving mobile assets on a daily basis in real-time. Assets are accurately captured into the solution and are marked with an asset tracking label.

Whether a business makes route-based deliveries, on-demand deliveries, or a combination of both, MakeMeMobile’s Mobile Delivery Solution helps reduce costs while achieving greater customer satisfaction. This allows a business to accurately track and control deliveries throughout their supply chain.

“Our solutions include real-time alerts, photo capabilities, driver vehicle inspections and accident reports, providing real-time delivery confirmation and improved customer service,” explains Fosbrook.

MakeMeMobile’s Inventory Management Solution helps businesses to take total control of their warehouse operation and offers numerous benefits, which include increased productivity, traceability compliance, cost reduction and increased customer service.

When it comes to vehicle validation, MakeMeMobile’s Yard Management Solution manages and controls inbound and outbound vehicles by validating vehicles, loads and drivers’ details. This automated solution ensures the smooth running of customers’ yard processes, while increasing accuracy, productivity, and security, as well as minimising losses.

Warehouses and distribution centres are relying more and more on voice to improve productivity and accuracy and reduce operational expenses. MakeMeMobile’s Honeywell Vocollect voice solution delivers proven gains in productivity, accuracy, safety and job satisfaction to companies seeking to improve their supply chains. “Our personnel are fully accredited and experienced in the development, deployment and support of Vocollect voice solutions,” says Fosbrook

In conclusion, Fosbrook adds that offering quality service to their customers when they need it at a quick turnaround time is what is critical in the supply chain. “The M3 Cloud allows us quick access and response to our customers’ needs or challenges.”