Real-Time Information and Asset Management

From the warehouse and loading dock to retail floor and enterprise asset management, RFID readers bring instant visibility to your operations while reducing costs and safeguarding your supply chain. We supply an extensive range of RFID technology from leading manufactures including: Intermec, Motorola and Zebra.

Motorola RFID Reader

RFID Portable Readers

MakeMeMobile’s has an extensive range of mobile computers incorporating RFID reader technology. These rugged devices incorporate high-performance RFID readers/writers and barcode scanning technologies into a single compact device providing supply chain workers with complete data capture functionality.

Intermec RFID Reader

RFID Fixed Readers & Portals

Our range of fixed RFID readers and portals are designed to meet the highest industry and deployment standards. From reading pallets moving through portals to cartons on high speed conveyor belts, our fixed readers are rugged, easy to configure, and provide control of peripheral devices and sensors for effective, accurate RFID supply chain management.

Intermec RFID Printer

RFID Printers

Using RFID printers you can print and encode RFID labels to enable RFID tracking for quick and accurate data collection. These printers allow you to combine the technologies of barcoding and RFID into a single solution.


RFID Tags and Smart Labels

Our range of passive UHF RFID tags and smart labels are capable of receiving, storing and transmitting digital information in multiple frequencies for global supply chain support.