Enterprise Mobility Management

Enterprise Mobility Management Software


NetMotion Wireless Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) software provides mobile workforces in organisations with the connectivity, visibility and control needed to solve the common challenges of wireless computing.

Mobility XE™ from NetMotion Wireless provides secure and simple remote access to network resources and applications over any IP-based network, enabling organisations to maximise the productivity, security and management of their worldwide mobile workforces. Centralised management tools give IT managers unparalleled control and flexibility—all in a scalable solution that is easy to deploy and maintain. Unlike legacy SSL and IPSec VPNs, Mobility XE is designed specifically for wireless and mobile environments. Mobility will also assist in stabilising environments where unstable long distance links cause problems with application connectivity and session persistence.


Mobility XE incorporates true application session persistence, wireless performance optimisation and InterNetwork Roaming™ capabilities.

NetMotion Mobility XE is made up of two parts: a lightweight client that is installed on every wireless laptop or handheld device; and server software that, among other tasks, acts as proxy to application servers. Mobility XE is a software solution and does not include any hardware. Customers will need to install the software on a Windows 2003 Server, and on clients which can run Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 & 8, Mobile 5.x, Mobile 6.x or CE and Android.

Through this simple architecture Mobility XE enables any application to work over any wireless network without modification or customisation. This means both legacy and future applications will seamlessly integrate with any combination of IP-based wireless networks, including WLANs, hotspots and carrier-provided wireless WANs.

NetMotion Wireless has extensive expertise in wireless mobile computing, with NetMotion Mobility XE already in use by over 1 million users worldwide. Notable customers including world leading consumer brand manufacturers, telephone network operators, banks, airports and law enforcement agencies..

Increased Productivity

  • No Lost Data

Eliminates lost data and application crashes, even due to coverage gaps, suspend / resume cycles, or roaming from network to network.

  • Multi-network Enviroments

Turns a multi-network environment, including wireless LANs and carrier-provided wide area networks, into a single, unified network by enabling seamless roaming in and out of coverage areas and between networks.

  • Improved Data Throughput

Improves data throughput over wide area networks by as much as 100% through Mobility Compression & Link Optimizations.

  • Quality of Service – QoS

Integrates sophisticated QoS (Quality of Service) support, to ensure that essential applications receive the bandwidth they need and give priority to time-sensitive voice-over-IP and video traffic.

  • Increased Performance

Applies sophisticated packet-loss recovery techniques to correct for dropped packets in multimedia streams.


  • Easy Deployment

Offers straightforward, painless deployment (installations typically require just a few hours – not days), and is transparent to mobile workers and easy to manage.

  • Improved Control

Gives administrators the ability to manage networks they neither own nor control through policy management capabilities.

  • Advanced Analytics

Furnishes insight into wireless resource use through the Analytics Module, which offers over 20 reports allowing administrators to maintain productivity, fine-tune the mobility infrastructure, measure usage and monitor behaviour.

  • Automatic Notifications

Facilitates hands-off management through more than 30 automatic notifications.


  • Highest Levels of Security

Ensures data is secure no matter what IP-based network is used, through Mobility XE’s Mobile VPN which provides FIPS 140-2 validated 128 or 256-bit AES encryption.