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Mobility Platform

The complete enterprise mobility solution

Everything a business needs to rapidly design, deploy & manage mobile apps

At the core of our Mobility Platform is the industry leading Enterprise Mobility Platform from MobileFrame. Using MobileFrame, we can easily create, deploy and administer sophisticated pre-built or custom mobile applications that suit our customers’ needs. These applications allow electronic data collection and managed workflow to be seamlessly integrated from the field to back-end systems, providing mobile workers with real-time access to the data and ensuring that back-end systems remain fully up-to-date with the latest field data.

MobileFrame is designed specifically for business applications, providing everything your business needs to ensure your mobility operations run smoothly and deliver high returns on investment.

This mobile enterprise application platform includes fully-integrated rapid mobile deployment tools, mobile device management, enterprise-class data management, robust synchronisation, a fully native disconnected client database so your users can work even without network connectivity, GPS tracking, project administration tools, military-grade security from end-to-end, an integration wizard, scalable server options, and so much more.

Cross-platform: iOS, Android, Windows & the Web
Write once, deploy anywhere
MobileFrame’s code-free mobile application development platform empowers businesses to quickly and easily design, integrate, deploy and manage sophisticated mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows-based operating systems. MobileFrame allows us to create native and/or feature-rich web applications in less time and with less effort than many other mobile application development tools.

Code free app development
Code-free mobile application development
Avoid the pitfalls of over-hyped IDEs and glorified SDKs.
Most mobile application development platforms (MADPs) provide a jumbled set of “parts” for developers to cobble together with custom code, leading to time-consuming and costly development projects that rarely succeed. MobileFrame’s code-free platform ensures your mobile apps follow best practices, avoid pitfalls specific to mobility, and achieve an unmatched rate of success without writing a single line of code.

Key Features

The key features of MobileFrame include:

  • Mobile Application Development Tools

Using the rapid application development tools within MobileFrame we are able to quickly create new applications as well as customize our pre-built applications to your exact needs.

  • Mobile Device Management – MDM

Once a mobile solution has been deployed to the field, it becomes essential to properly manage the mobile devices. With our mobile application platform, administrators have precise control over all devices in the field from remotely updating/installing software to taking control of the device remotely. Device power, location, memory utilization, messaging, alerts, synchronization status and all other critical device status information can be remotely monitored and controlled for all devices on the system. In addition to the integrated device management within MobileFrame we also offer advanced device management through industry leading device management solutions such as SOTI and Wavelink.

  • Full-Featured Mobile Project Administration

Our mobile solution includes all the administration tools a successful mobility project requires, including support for sophisticated scheduling, dynamic mobile worker assignment, GPS and device status monitoring and more.

  • MobileFrame Integration

With most mobility projects, integrating to backend systems is a huge hassle and common point of failure. Hard-coded solutions and other “platform” vendors require complex coding efforts to integrate your mobile “solution” to backend systems. With our integrated Integration tools your integrations will be up & running in a fraction of the time.

  • Automatically Update Devices in the Field

With most solutions, even a minor update requires a complete recall of all devices in the field, wasting time and hindering productivity. With MobileFrame, updating mobile devices is pain-free. Simply select and attach any update files and on the next synchronization the updates will be sent to the device and applied. We not only automatically update MobileFrame software in the field, but also other third party and operating system software as well.

Key Benefits

Fortune 100 companies, government agencies and small businesses rely on MobileFrame every day to boost productivity while reducing costs. Some benefits of our mobile solution include:

  • A Complete Solution

No need to buy a variety of third party software for sync, security, data and device management. Everything needed for MakeMeMobile to create, manage and deploy apps within your enterprise is built-in to MobileFrame’s Mobility Platform.

  • Cross Platform

Write once, deploy anywhere. Build your apps once and they’ll work on any device, including everything from mobile devices to desktops.

  • Maximize Productivity

Automate costly manual processes and decrease paperwork so your workforce can get more done.

  • Real-time Data Access

Provide the right data to the right person at the right time. Whether it’s your employees, customers or suppliers, everyone will have the information they need at their fingertips.