New Automated Mobile Solution Manages your Yard and Vehicles

New Automated Mobile Solution Manages your Yard and Vehicles

Managing and tracking the flow of trucks, visitors and goods entering or exiting a warehouse premise is critical to efficient management of your yard and vehicles.MakeMeMobile’s Gate Management Solution expedites the inspection and load verification process of your fleet before and after trips. It also increases efficiency, productivity and minimises security risks by scheduling times and allocating yard doors to specific vehicles.

Kallie van den Berg, Director at MakeMeMobile says, “Our team of experts customises our solution to suit a company’s specific needs and workflows. The solution can either be deployed on a customer’s premise on their servers or is accessible via our M3 Cloud offering. The latter provides a company with a scalable solution with increased efficiencies and reduced deployment time and capital expenditure on IT infrastructure.”

MakeMeMobile’s Gate Management Solution, part of their comprehensive suite of Inventory Control and Tracking Solutions, provides increased security, optimised and efficient yard flow and a real-time overview of vehicles provided by easy-to-read dashboard.

“Our Gate Management Solution enables better management of operations and results in enhanced productivity as errors can be immediately identified and rectified before they incur costs,” says Van den Berg.

Key Features

Gate Management Solution enables companies to manage their yard more efficiently as it verifies information by scanning a vehicle licence disk and the driver’s licence using a mobile handheld device. It also efficiently manages a company’s yard by scheduling visits and instructing each driver to proceed to the allocated place.

Collections or shipments can be validated to ensure that the correct product or shipment leaves the facility and with the comprehensive dashboards and reporting, operations are fully controlled and managed in real-time. “By linking our Weighbridge Solution to the Gate Management Solution, we are able to verify the correct quantity of goods entering or leaving a company’s premises,” adds Van den Berg.

Gate Management Solution also provides the facility for vehicles to go through certain checks to ensure roadworthiness. “This prevents unnecessary road accidents, which can result in loss and damage of goods and injury to drivers,” concludes Van den Berg..