Proactive services ensure continuity

Mobile devices, like PCs, can malfunction, experience glitches, and stop working altogether. Responding quickly to issues can be critical to an operation! If your employees can’t properly use their mobile devices, your company isn’t reaping the benefits of your mobility investment. Providing a great mobility experience means delivering responsive support whenever your remote workers need it most. MakeMeMobile’s Mobile Workforce Service Desk provides phone-based remote support to augment your existing IT capabilities.


We also provide the following proactive services to keep your mobile deployment and MDM (Mobile Device Management) systems up and running, ensuring your mobile workforce and business stays productive:
  • User Support and support of your internal Service Desk
  • Incident management and problem correction
  • Enterprise Mobility Management including Mobile Device Management
  • Our service desk provides support services for a wide variety of mobile devices including smart phones, tablets and ruggedised devices, each category of devices requiring their own set of support onsiderations.
  • Our Workforce Service Desk uses our own developed and customised Incident Management System (IMS) to log, monitor, track, analyse and report on all the incidents reported through our service desk.