Enterprise Mobility Solutions


Enterprise Mobility Solutions deliver total connectivity

In today’s multifaceted and fast-paced supply chain, it’s vital to have a controlled 360° view for all stakeholder to drive efficiencies, deliver a faster service and manage costs. Over the years, many IT systems have developed in silos, next to each other, dedicated to a specific process or area.  Inevitably, their stored information is not connected and shared and is often duplicated.

MakeMeMobile deploys a range of industry leading mobility platforms including powerful cloud-based solutions to develop customised applications that meet these complex requirements and enable you to mobilise your business processes across your enterprise.

By interconnecting all your stakeholders –  such as maintenance technicians, third party service engineers, delivery drivers, supply chain stakeholders and customers – the benefits are enormous, such as large scalability, immediate availability of information and high performance.

Using the following platform solutions that integrate easily with SAP, and other ERP and software systems, MakeMeMobile provides a suite of mobile applications, which are customised to suit each customer’s needs across multiple industry sectors, such as:  Field Operations, Transport & Logistics, Food & Beverage, FMCG & Retail, Utilities & Services and Manufacturing & Engineering.

Honeywell Movilizer is the cloud for field operations that drives enterprise profitability across all enterprises by empowering you to deploy nimble and dynamic strategies in the field across all types of mobile devices. It connects and orchestrates field operations with each other – even across company boundaries

MobileFrame is a powerful mobile enterprise application solution that provides everything your business needs to bring your mobility project to life and keep it running smoothly. It enables us to rapidly design, deploy, and manage multi-channel mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows-based devices.

Honeywell Vocollect Voice helps increase worker productivity while reducing errors and training time. Our top-performing voice recognition technology platform is purpose-built for challenging industrial and retail environments, that increase worker confidence and ergonomics.
Honeywell Operational Acuity provides essential performance insights into how you can run your Vocollect DC/warehouse and retail operation more effectively, using data collection, aggregation and predictive modeling techniques for detailed and powerful data analysis.