The Cloud for Field Operations

MakeMeMobile’s Honeywell Movilizer Enterprise Mobile Platform manages the complexity of mobile technology and allows you to enhance your business processes,  optimize your operations and manage your workforce through the use of mobile technology. The capabilities of the Movilizer Enterprise Mobile Platform delivers enterprise applications 3 times faster – faster to build, faster to deploy and faster to run.

Movilizer provides you with the power and performance of mobility to streamline your operations and deliver business improvement and innovations.

Movilizer gives you the agility and flexibility to adapt to any changes. You can add, delete, or change any field or screen without any interruption in operations. Movilizer combines the advantages of pure online applications, such as centralized software logistics and instantaneous deployment, with the power of offline applications.

MakeMeMobile will assist you with defining your requirements, build your mobile applications, as well as deploy them across your organisation.

The Movilizer Cloud architecture means you don’t need any new infrastructure for enterprise mobility, although you always have the choice of an on-premise cloud.

With Movilizer’s cloud-based platform, we can connect all stakeholders, such as maintenance technicians, third party service engineers, delivery drives,  supply chain stakeholders and customers. This results in unlocking operational benefits that go straight to an improved bottom line, such as faster time to order, faster time to resolution and faster time to customer satisfaction.

The Movilizer SAP Connector

The Movilizer SAP Connector is a certified SAP Add-on that is installed within a couple of hours and connects your SAP system to the Movilizer Cloud and Clients, opening up a wide range of new mobile possibilities and features to boost your business performance and realise your mobile strategy. Features include:

  • Out-of-the-box connector
  • Build mobile apps from scratch with ABAP
  • Profit from state-of-the-art user experience
  • Leverage on 500+ out-of-the-box mobile processes
  • Manage processes from within SAP