Mobilise your enterprise across the entire supply chain

MakeMeMobile uses  MobileFrame’s mobile application development platform to quickly and easily design, integrate, deploy and manage sophisticated mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows-based operating systems.   

MobileFrame’s platform ensures your mobile apps follow best practices and avoid pitfalls specific to mobility, resulting in an unmatched rate of success without the complexities and delays that comes with software development.

This mobile solutions supports anything from simple systems with minimal data to sophisticated systems with millions of records per device. In addition, security is intrinsic to the solution, ensuring the your data is protected when devices are used outside your corporate network.

Lifecycle capabilities

Our mobile solution provides complete lifecycle capabilities allowing us to design, develop, integrate, deploy and manage multi-channel apps with a single solution.

With most mobility projects, integrating to backend systems is a major hassle and a common point of failure.

We have many  customers successfully integrating this mobile solution with a wide range of  ERP, accounting and other software.

With MobileFrame, administrators have precise control over all devices in the field including resetting the client database, logging off a user, triggering synchronisation, etc. Administrators can remotely monitor device statistics including battery life, location, memory utilisation, synchronisation status & more.