Voice Execution Solutions

Voice Execution Solutions

Improve Your Productivity and Efficiencies with Voice

MakeMeMobile provides voice solutions using technology from industry leader Vocollect. Warehouses and distribution centres (DCs) in South Africa and across the globe increasingly rely on voice to improve productivity, increase accuracy and reduce operational expenses. Voice is well-established in over 40 developed countries as a strong alternative to labour-intensive technologies like paper-based systems, radio frequency (RF) scanner-based systems and pick-to-light.

MakeMeMobile’s personnel are fully accredited and experienced in the development, deployment and support of Vocollect voice solutions.MakeMeMobile and Vocollect will help to transform your existing warehouse processes and systems by offering re-engineering opportunities to deliver the next generation of business results without putting your day-to-day operations at risk – Vocollect Voice can easily be integrated to fully leverage your existing IT infrastructure.

Vocollect Voice Solutions
Increased efficiencies in your warehouse using Voice
Vocollect voice solutions deliver proven gains in productivity, accuracy, safety and job satisfaction to companies seeking to improve their supply chains. The Vocollect Voice® portfolio features a complete range of hardware, software and services built for voice performance, reliability and adaptability in the global supply chain and logistics marketplace. Every day hundreds of thousands of people on six continents rely on Vocollect to drive efficiencies in their business.

Key Benefits

Our voice solutions from Vocollect offer a variety of benefits including:

  • Increased Productivity

Vocollect voice solutions increase efficiency by eliminating the time your workers spend using their hands and eyes to shuffle papers, labels, and scanners. With Vocollect’s hands-free, eyes-free solutions, workers perform their assigned tasks much more quickly – with measurable increases to productivity.

  • Worker Retention

Vocollect customers consistently experience a reduction in worker turnover after implementing a voice solution. Your workers gain greater confidence as they regularly exceed their daily goals and objectives.

  • Traceability Compliance

Vocollect helps you achieve cost-effective and reliable compliance with lot track-and-trace regulations. Our voice solutions also support compliance with ePedigree requirements and the need to track lot / batch / country-of-origin records on all line items.

  • Cost Reduction

By increasing worker productivity, Vocollect helps you minimzse dock-to-shelf times while helping you optimize your merchandise-processing capacity in buffered cross-dock and put-to-store operations.

  • Increased Customer Service

Vocollect will help you increase both the efficiency and the accuracy of orders, ensuring that your customer’s orders are shipped correctly the first time.